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Monday, 3 June 2013

The Lawn Care Guide – June

We’ll take a leaf out of last year’s journal’s lawn tips for June. That’s the beauty of keeping your own journal to refer back to, saving you time and effort. Much of what was said in May still applies. Mowing may be stepped up to twice a week if the grass is growing that fast. 

On the other hand, if the ground is dry and drought prolonged you may need to spike the lawn and give it a mulching cut, leave the collector off the garden tractor and switch to a mulching deck if you have one. Either way, leaving the cuttings on the lawn will help protect it.

If you have a hosepipe ban (becoming more familiar as each year passes) and the grass is looking brown, don’t worry, it’s very tolerant and should recover. If you can water, water thoroughly in one or two sessions per week. A really good soaking will penetrate deep into the soil and encourage the roots to push down. Light sprinkling every day is a waste of water and your time, and only serves to encourage the shallow rooting grasses you don’t want. 

Give the lawn the last treatment of lawn sand and weed killers this month and water in if dry. Keep edges trimmed for a neat appearance using a powered edger or attachment for your trimmer if you have one. Carry on preparing beds for new lawns ready for seeding in August to September – you can hoe away any weeds that appear.


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