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Wednesday 1 August 2012

This Month In Your Garden - AUGUST

Now you really are reaping the rewards in the garden and in the greenhouse if you have one. 

Seeing the results of you work in earlier months should spur you on to preparing, seeding and planting for an even greater display next year. Nature will be lending another helping hand. 

Keep an eye open for plant seedlings whilst weeding and preparing beds. Many flowering plants will have self-seeded and you can collect these gifts for planting where you wish.

The Lawn Care Guide - AUGUST

Preparing to sow or turf a lawn

What do you want to use the lawn for? If the kids are going to play football on it you’ll need a tough, rye grass mixture. If you want the finest grass it will need lots of attention. Creeping grasses will be mixed with tufted grass for better cover and wear resistance. Broad leaved grasses such as perennial rye can be mixed with narrow leaved fescue for a stronger turf that needs little attention.

The Vegetable Plot - AUGUST

At this time of year, with usually high temperatures, it’s best to restrict the last sowings of salad crops to fast growing lettuces such as Little Gem or Tom Thumb.

Some types of endive will grow successfully, along with radishes, mustard and cress and hardy spring onions. 

Feed and train tomatoes and stop outdoor plants from further growing after four trusses have set by pinching out the tips of the main stems. 

The Big Glut Recipe - AUGUST

August’s apple and blackberry crumble

An end of August into September treat with Bramley or similar tart cooking apples. Or in October, November or anytime for that matter.