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Monday 3 August 2020

This Month in Your Garden - August

In summer, the song sings itself -  William Carlos Williams

Weather computer forecast models are telling us August is to be a mixed month. It’s hard to go wrong with that kind of forecast, bit of warm, bit of rain, a little dry, the odd heavy shower. Whatever the weather you won’t keep us gardeners from pottering around especially since the garden has had more than usual attention over the last few months.

The Lawncare Guide - August

The grass is greener where you water it – Neil Barringham

The South and South West are likeliest to be drier this August, we are told, so it may be time to get the hose sprinkler on the lawn if you want to keep it green. Give it a good, long soaking each week. If you don’t want to use the water and it goes a little brown don’t worry, it will perk up with a bit of rain.

Lawn Care: Questions & Answers

Q. When we get heavy rain the water sits on the surface of the lawn in several areas and won’t drain. What’s the best solution?

The Vegetable Plot - August

Push and pull

There’s plenty you can sow now if you have the space. Why not push in some seeds and grow cauliflower, endive, corn salad, red cabbage, radishes, spinach, stump rooted carrots and turnips?

If you have grown garlic you can be harvesting it along with shallots and herbs for drying. Maincrop celery could do with earthing up and endive, leeks and celery can be blanched. If you have grown cucumbers in frames and they are spent, clear them out now.

The Big Glut Recipe - August

Asparagus salad with Ricotta, watercress and lemon

By Sybil Kapoor for House & Garden 


  • 2 bunches medium to large asparagus, approximately 12-18 thicker stemmed spears
  • 2 bunches watercress
  • 400g fresh ricotta
  • Maldon salt
  • 1tbsp finely chopped chives
  • Extra-virgin olive oil, for drizzling
  • 2 lemons, one zested and the other cut into 6 wedges