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Thursday 1 March 2012

How to Start a Lawn Tractor

Although starting a lawn tractor is a straight forward process, there are several safety features found on most machines that means that a set procedure must be followed.

Sit on the seat
Always be sat on the tractor when turning over the engine. A sensor within the seat will prevent the engine from being started unless the operator is sitting down.

Ensure the Parking Brake is engaged
The lawn tractor will not start unless the handbrake is on.

Disengage PTOs
Always make sure that any PTO drives are disengaged before trying to turn over the engine.

Insert the key
Just like a car, most tractors require a key to start. Insert the key and turn to the ‘I’ position.

Start the engine
Either turn the key to start or push the ‘Start’ button if present. Adjust the throttle or choke as required.

Release the Parking Brake
When the way forward is clear and it is safe to do so, release the handbrake.

Move off
Use the foot pedals to control forward or reverse motion. The further you depress the pedal, the faster you will travel.

Countax have produced a short video to illustrate the starting procedure for their garden tractor models.

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