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Friday 1 June 2012

This Month In Your Garden - JUNE

Summer is around the corner and roses, poppies, campanula, a host of flowers and plants are about to put on a show. Plenty to do.

Border carnations need staking and disbudding but let them arch naturally, remove side shoots and flower buds except the terminal one on each stem. Do the same for hybrid tea roses to achieve big blooms. 

Lightly trim evergreen hedges. If you want a colourful display next spring now is a good time to sow biennials such as wallflowers, sweet Williams, Canterbury bells, Iceland poppies and verbascums in a nursery, for planting out in the autumn where they are to flower.
Polyanthus can be sown in a cold greenhouse on soil-less compost covered with a little vermiculite. Sow pansies in the same way but cover to exclude light – keep them dark and cool for about ten days to two weeks. 

Border perennials can be grown from seed, aquilegias, lupins, oriental poppies, hollyhocks and delphiniums, you’re spoiled for choice. 

Plant anemones for autumn flowers and end of season colour. Plant tender plants where they are to flower: dahlias, begonias, salvias and some foliage plants such as cordylines. If your garden is too cold for some you can grow them in large pots or tubs, in soil-based compost. 

Plant up patio containers for a colourful display e.g. fuschias, marguerites, verbena, petunias, salvias and lobelia or flowers of your choice. Plant up hanging baskets, if not done earlier in the greenhouse.

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