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Wednesday 31 October 2012

The Lawn Care Guide - NOVEMBER

It’s easy to forget the lawn this month as mowing is pretty well finished (some late summers have seen mowing into late November depending on your location). 

If there’s frost on the lawn it’s best to keep off the grass to save any damage but if it warms up finish clearing up leaves and get control over any moss and worm casts. 

If you have finished mowing why not get the lawn mower or garden tractor in for a service – leave it too late and you could get caught out next year. 

Edges can be trimmed up and any overhanging shrubs pruned back. An application of autumn and winter fertiliser will benefit the lawn and bare areas can still be seeded. It’s still a good time to lay turf for a new lawn unless the ground is frozen or too wet to walk on. 

If the ground was correctly prepared in August to September it should only need any weed removed with a hoe and then the surface raked and a little fertiliser added before laying the turves. You probably won’t need to water unless it is particularly dry.  


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