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Tuesday 8 January 2013

This Month in your Garden – January

How is the view from your window on the garden this January? Hopefully some hints and tips from the Gardener’s Journal have helped your design and efforts. 

Last year we began with digging and if the ground is not too hard or frozen it’s a good time to dig over the soil in the vegetable garden and to plant new fruit bushes, bare root roses, shrubs and hedging. 

Prepare ground to be planted with bedding plants by digging in a good load of manure. Of course, if it’s frosty, snowing or downright muddy, stay off the garden and lawn. 

Buy vegetable seeds and seed potatoes. Keep egg boxes to chit the potatoes in. Get the mower or garden tractor and power tools serviced. 

  • Take hardwood cuttings of deciduous trees and shrubs.
  • Sow hardy bulbs in succession.
  • Under glass sow asparagus, freesias, fuchsias and sweet peas.
  • Start cuttings of chrysanthemums, fuchsias, heliotropes and verbenas under gentle heat.
  • Indoors start/sow annuals and bedding plants in modules.
  • Pot lily bulbs
  • Force rhubarb
  • Turn compost
  • Put food out for the birds

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