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Tuesday 2 April 2013

The Lawn Care Guide – April

You did get the garden tractor or mower serviced didn’t you? What about the power tools? You’ll need them soon. 

The lawn will require frequent mowing from April onwards, depending on weather and location. Start cutting on the higher setting, then reduce the height gradually with each cut, not taking more than a third off the height of the grass with any one mowing.  

A good dressing of proprietary fertilizer will be beneficial, or weed and feed if there is moss and weed to be killed. If you have prepared for a new lawn and have not sown seed yet, give the area a light raking. If the lawn area is going to be subjected to heavy wear you’ll need more ryegrass in the mix.

Laying turf needs to be complete before warmer weather arrives, to allow the turves to properly root. Repair worn patches and tidy up edges.

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