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Tuesday 4 February 2014

Lawn Care Guide – February

What grass where?

It won’t be long before we’re cutting the grass again, out with the garden tractors and pedestrian mowers. What though if you’re starting from scratch and need to know what type of lawn will be best for your situation and needs?

Generally speaking there are three types of grass to choose from, depending on the uses for the lawn and whether it is to be situated in sun or shade. You can choose a predominantly rye grass or turf mixture for a family lawn, high use, play and utility areas. Once established it will mostly just need mowing and feeding and will tolerate lots of use and abuse, it’s quickly established and easily cared for.

If your garden tractor or mower has a roller you will get good stripes from the darker green colour. If, however, you have very dry soil or live in an area where there is salt in the air, or conditions are very wet, a grass mixture with Tall Fescue would be better for a hard wearing and easily cared for lawn. It would also be the choice for shady areas.

For that ’landscaped’ garden lawn look a mix of several types of grass would be used but be prepared to look after the lawn carefully to be repaid with a fine area which has that ‘professional’ looking finish. If you’re looking for a finish like a bowling green there are seed mixes and turf to give you just that but be prepared for careful and continuous professional lawn care to maintain the surface.

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