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Thursday 8 January 2015

Lawn Care Guide – January

Wear and repair

A bit of mild weather in January lets you make repairs to the lawn, re-instating edges to borders with an edging tool or laying new turf.

Lumps, bumps and hollows can be similarly dealt with by cutting and lifting areas of turf, smoothing out lumps or filling with a good loam, then replacing the sod. Come spring the repairs will knit together nicely.

If it’s been more than a little wet you’ll quickly see areas that get waterlogged and need spiking. Aerating when it’s drier will help improve drainage and promote growth by letting oxygen get to the grass roots.

You can use a self-propelled aerator or one driven by the garden tractor to make the job easier. Prune back overhanging branches on any trees adjacent to the lawn to prevent excessive shade which, with poor drainage, promotes algae.

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