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Friday 4 November 2016

Lawn Care Guide - November

Keep your mower running

In some areas you may well find you still need to mow given mild weather through October. Don’t cut the grass too short. Grass doesn’t stop growing even in winter months and mild spells could mean the mowing regime continues into December. If the air temperature is above 5ยบ C the grass will continue to grow, albeit slowly.

Heading through autumn towards December the mowing frequency will be reduced from twice a week to once a week and on down to once a month in November and December, unless of course the temperature has remained mild and the ground dry. Even then this final mowing should only cut the top twenty-five percent off the grass to keep it tidy and collect up any fallen leaves.

Fine turf is grown under conditions that are not entirely natural and the grass is about to be subjected to stress during the winter months as the weather does become cold, wet and freezing. Spiking or slitting, by hand or mechanical means will help drainage and get air to the roots and the grass will still benefit from small doses of potassium to help combat the stress; but not too much because the greedy grass will take it all up. Iron can help to combat disease and will green up the lawn. So a low nitrogen, high potassium and iron treat will aid the grass through the stresses of winter.

Clear any leaves from the lawn, brush off worm casts and when you’re all done send the garden tractor or mower for a service ready to have it running for the next mowing regime.

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