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Monday 11 June 2018

The Vegetable Plot – June

When is a cucumber like a strawberry? When one is in a pickle and the other is in a jam!

Time to earth up potatoes, blanch leeks and remove runners from strawberries. It’s also time to continue successional sowings of lettuce, endive, mustard and cress and turnips. Thin out seedlings from April and May sowings.

Don’t stop there. If you have the space you’ll be planting out the winter greens you’ve grown – broccoli, Brussels sprouts. Along with runner beans, celery, tomatoes, sweet corn, marrow, ridge cucumbers, aubergines and capsicums. I hope you can eat all this.

Oh, and you can sow parsley, French beans and chicory for forcing. French beans are best sown in traditional rows 45cm (18”) apart and at 15-22cm (6” – 9”) spacing. Sweet corn should be planted in blocks at 45cm spacing and two seeds per hole. Sow leafy salad crops in partially shaded sites because hot, dry weather may cause the leaves to be bitter.

  • Sow salad crops, beetroot, radish, pak choi and Chinese cabbage
  • Support runner beans
  • Plant outdoor ridge cucumbers, celeriac, celery
  • Sow courgettes, marrows and pumpkins in warmer, southern areas
  • Look out for fly beetles on brassicas
  • Maintain a slug and snail patrol
  • Watch out for asparagus beetle and larvae
  • Net cherries against birds

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