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Tuesday 2 April 2019

This Month in Your Garden - April

‘Sweet April showers Do spring May flowers.’ -  Thomas Tusser, A Hundred Good Points of Husbandry, 1557  

We’re seeing the results of strange weather patterns in February but one thing is certain, spring is with us and we can expect April showers. But sunny days too will see us out there mowing the lawn and sowing hardy annuals. If the temperature is up around 7°C/ 45°F you can sow directly into the ground or, to be safe from frosts, sow in the greenhouse if you have one, or a cold frame.

Indoor sown seeds will be growing happily and it won’t be long before they take their place in the borders. You can be planting summer flowering bulbs in beds, borders and containers in between the inevitable weeding to be done. Tie in climbing and rambling roses and loosen off tree ties so they are not cutting into the wood. Tie in as well clematis and honeysuckle.

Roses will be hungry so give them and your shrubs a good feed and apply mulch around perennials, young trees and shrubs to help retain moisture come the hotter months. If you have a fig tree that could probably do with pruning and citrus plants will also enjoy a feed. April is a lovely month to be in the garden with much to do and much to admire in the fruits of your labours.

  • Harden off bedding plants and half hardy annuals in the greenhouse
  • Pot seedlings of begonias and gloxinias in the greenhouse
  • Divide Hostas before they start into leaf
  • Divide primulas and primroses after flowering
  • Take chrysanthemum cuttings
  • Plant out hardened off violas and pansies
  • Prune Buddleia, cornus (dogwood), fuschias, Hydrangea and salix (willow)
  • Apply a slow release fertiliser, forked into the soil, around trees, shrubs and hedges 

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