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Friday 2 August 2019

The Lawn Care Guide - August

Weed away, feed away.

If it’s been raining in your area then you probably have more than a few weeds on the lawn to deal with. Plantain, speedwell, dandelions, self heal and ragwort will pop up given half a chance, especially if you haven’t done much weed control. If you did treat in spring then now and into September is a good time to spray using a knapsack sprayer.

If you prefer a 4in 1 weedkiller/fertiliser then it’s better to apply it in September when you can halt any moss activity. Scarifying, aerating and raking up the debris or collecting it with grass collector will help rid the lawn of thatch and promote a healthier sward. Hollow tining will help get water and air to the grass roots and promote growth. Choose a time when the lawn is neither too dry or soft. Where fine turf has been frequently mown but underfed it may become patchy and a feed will generally perk it up.

A lawn on thin soil will benefit from a high phosphate feed to strengthen the roots. Generally, a nitrogen-based fertiliser applied after watering or rainfall, later in the month and into September, will green up the lawn and help prevent browning and bare areas. Don’t apply a liquid fertiliser on a dry lawn or use a spring fertiliser after August, choose an autumn one. If you need to water the lawn do so in the morning or evening to reduce evaporation.

Preparations for a new lawn are best started now, clearing the area of weeds and preparing to seed in September into October. With the area levelled keep hoeing or apply weedkiller when there’s no wind – even a light breeze can cause drift onto borders and plants.   

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