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Friday 27 September 2019

The Lawn Care Guide - October

A lot of hot aerating

With the spells of dry weather, you have by now probably done the scarifying and aerating to clear thatch and moss and give the lawn a new lease of life, with oxygen reaching the roots and plenty of good drainage.

Your prepared area for a new lawn can be turfed or the newly seeded grass has had a cut ready for the winter. So, what else needs to be done? Your mature lawn will probably benefit from overseeding, to fill in the bare patches and promote a vigorous, altogether thicker growth. The seed can be spread using a spreader which may be a walk-behind machine or an attachment for your garden tractor. Choose a day when the air is still to prevent seed drifting into borders.

Smaller areas can be covered by broadcasting by hand and the seed raked in. A top dressing would also be a benefit to helping the seed grow and protecting it from birds. It’s the most effective method for improving minor surface irregularities in the lawn. Your mixture of minerals, soil and organic material will key into the surface you have aerated. Broadcast lightly over the lawn using a shovel and work into the base of the sward with a rake, smoothing out the lumps and bumps in the lawn.

Light and frequent dressing helps prevent thatch build-up and repeating top dressing over time will ensure you have a smooth, even lawn. 

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