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Wednesday 1 April 2020

The Vegetable Plot - April

Sow here we go

Succession sowing will see you in vegetables through to autumn and that means a riot of planting on your patch if you have space. Well, a controlled riot at least. Carrot, turnip, beetroot, spinach are favourites along with lettuces and peas. The latter will need supporting with pea sticks when they appear. On with radishes, Brussels sprouts and, not needing support: broad beans.

Now you can sow straight into the ground or in pots for planting out (in a more orderly fashion). If you have the room, continue with your leeks, summer cabbages, broccoli and cauliflowers. Time to plant maincrop potatoes, and transplant those tomatoes grown in a greenhouse. Vegetables in season and ready for your dinner plate will be purple sprouting broccoli, spinach and lettuce.

If you like asparagus and feel inclined you could either sow or plant but be prepared to wait for the bed to establish. A row of 10-12 plants will take a couple of years before you can harvest. 

  • For winter greens sow Christmas Savoy cabbages, Brussels sprouts and cauliflowers
  • Sow early variety leeks in a greenhouse
  • Grow French beans in pots
  • Sow first-early variety peas at three weekly intervals until early June
  • Hoe on a dry day to keep down the weeds
  • Sow ridge cucumbers under glass
  • Sow herbs, herbs and more herbs
  • Sow half-hard courgettes and marrows under cloches at the end of the month

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