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Thursday 1 October 2020

The Lawncare Guide - October

Turf and tea time

Conditions should be about right for laying turf this month to give the grass a good start while the ground is still relatively warm. In an area you have prepared, during August and September, lay turves in a staggered pattern like bricks to avoid leaving any gaps. 

Butt them well together. About now it’s time for a cup of tea while you consider the existing lawn and areas that need repair. You can also use pieces of turf to repair bald patches, cutting out with an edging tool and spade and placing in the patch, or seeding if you prefer. 

First, though, ask yourself if you need to treat the lawn to a weed and feed application to kill off any moss that’s lurking. Don’t leave it too long or it won’t be effective. The moss can be raked out once it has turned black. Equally, before doing that you may want to scarify to remove loose thatch and moss, aerate for drainage and to let air get to the roots of the plant. 

A well-prepared lawn may also benefit from top dressing. Mowing usually comes to an end soon, with the cutting height now between two and three centimetres. Cutting at 2.5cm on a newly sown and maturing lawn will help keep weeds at bay until the first cut next year.      

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