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Monday 2 November 2020

The Lawncare Guide - November

 Not a patch in sight

You only need to mow now if growth dictates, such as in warmer areas of the country. Where temperatures are above 5º (41ºF) grass continues growing, which may mean some final cuts with the cutting height set to about 4cm (1.5”). This height will give the grass protection during the winter months.

Look out for signs of disease such as Fusarium patch which develops as small dead patches of grass. The area may be water soaked and you might find there is a ring of orange/brown or off-white fluffy material, which is mycelium, around the outer edge. Fusarium patch is caused by a fungus, Microdochium nivale. It can be easily controlled by applying a fungicide. The only one available for amateur gardeners is Provanto Lawn Disease Control (trifloxystrobin) which is available from good garden centres or online.

It can be used all year round except when there is drought, or the ground is frozen. Prevention is better than cure, and a regime of scarifying and aerating to ensure good drainage will benefit. Avoid late autumn fertiliser applications, especially those containing nitrogen (N) and, if you top dress, the pH level should not be too alkaline. Don’t use leftover summer feeds. 

A feed with potassium and phosphorous, however, will be beneficial and help the grass combat stress during the winter months. Once you have done the last cut, it’s time to service your machinery and store in a dry place. You can still lay turf in mild areas. Remove any toadstools that appear on the lawn and look out for other problems with fungi such as fairy rings. Now is also a good time to trim up lawn edges and brush out worm casts when they’re dry.  

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