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Wednesday 2 December 2020

The Lawncare Guide - December

 To mow, or not to mow? That is the question.

It’s unlikely you will need to mow in December but grass still grows in temperatures above 5ºC (41ºF) so there is a chance in milder areas you need a final cut. If that is the case, don’t cut too short, just a trim to neaten it is all that’s needed. You can lightly aerate with a fork or solid tines, if the soil is not too wet, to aid winter drainage in heavy or prolonged rainfall. 

Now is a good time to oil and maintain your garden care equipment and book your garden tractor or mower in for a service. If it’s frosty try not to walk on the grass, you will damage it. Are there areas of shade on the lawn which will encourage poor growth and moss? Look at the cause and remedy it to allow plenty of light to fall on the lawn and encourage growth in the warmer months. 

Remove any debris and leaves and if you have worm casts brush them out when it is dry. Overfed grass can develop snow mould or Fusarium Patch. Signs of this are small dead patches of grass with an off-white or orange-brown ring of fluffy material. It can be treated with a fungicide but much can be done by ensuring thatch is removed, drainage is good and avoiding early spring or late autumn fertiliser applications containing nitrogen. The pH level of topdressing should also not be too alkaline because it encourages disease.   

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