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Monday 5 July 2021

The Lawncare Guide - July

Aerate to oxygenate

At this time of the year, grass and soil microbes have a high demand for oxygen. It makes sense to aerate using a walk-behind aerator or aerating attachment for the garden tractor. This will help get oxygen to the roots and promote good drainage to avoid a build-up of thatch. Prolonged periods of rain and warmth will also promote growth of course, and there may not be the opportunity to mow before the grass becomes quite high. 

When you do mow it is a good idea to do so in two passes, setting the cutting height high to begin with, then lowering it on the second cut, working in a different direction. If you like your stripes, cut for the direction of those on your second mow. On the other hand, if it is very dry, raise the height of cut to help prevent the lawn drying out. Turf grass comprises over 85% water, so it needs irrigation to replenish, strengthen it and ‘green it up’. 

Watering is essential for seed germination, cooling the plant and helping to prevent dry patch while pushing fertiliser granules into the turf and converting it for the plant to take it up. But continuous watering can also have a damaging effect and lead to disease, hence the rule of irrigating thoroughly once or at most twice a week for a green lawn. When you water lightly and infrequently, the roots of the plant are encouraged to stay near the surface. 

A good, heavy watering combined with aerating will get the roots pushing deep and help produce a more drought resistant lawn. Should the grass be looking a bit thin and weak it will benefit from a light dressing of fertiliser with the right balance of nitrogen, phosphate, potash and magnesium, such as Evergreen Complete or Universal Lawn Feed.  


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