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Monday 1 November 2021

The Lawncare Guide - November

A lawn unto yourself

No one is likely to spend much time on the lawn in November and through the winter. Indeed, if there’s frost or snow, the grass should not be walked on if possible because of the damage that can cause. But if the temperature is above 5ยบ C, grass continues to grow and while the frequency will lessen, mowing may still be required. 

In which case, the final cuts of the year should only take 25% off the top of the grass and only mow if growth dictates. Lawn turf is grown under conditions that are not entirely natural and the grass is subjected to stress in the winter months, so leaving a good top growth will help it develop a good, deep root system. 

As a general rule, the height of winter cut for leisure grass should be 20-25mm and ornamental grass 12-18mm. Spiking or slitting, by hand or mechanical means, will help drainage and get air to the roots and small doses of potassium will help combat stress. But only small doses, mind you, because grass is greedy. 

Check the lawn now for any signs of disease and treat accordingly. Over-application of fertiliser, water, and top dressing high in lime or calcium can lead to problems, as can shade and restricted air movement caused by fences. Thatch build-up is a harbour for diseases and funghi lying in wait for the ideal environmental condition to attack the grass. 

Good grass husbandry will counter these effects. Finally, clear leaves off the lawn, address any causes of shade if possible and after the final cut book your garden tractor or mower service to be ready for next year. 


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