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Wednesday 1 December 2021

The Lawncare Guide - December

 A light cut might be needed 

Grass continues to grow in temperatures above 5ºC (41ºF) and although the colder weather came in at the end of November, the lawn may need a light cut. Apart from anything else, it’s nicer to have it manicured during the winter months, but for a leisure lawn don’t cut lower than 20-25mm. The higher winter cut helps the grass develop a good, deep root system and this will allow the grass protection through to the first spring cut. 

Now is the time to sweep leaves off the lawn and if it’s not too wet, brush off worm casts, which promote moss and weed growth. It’s also a good time to check for any signs of disease. A common one is Fusarium patch, which develops as small, dead patches which tend to join up and create larger areas of scarring. It is caused by a fungus which is controllable by applying the correct fungicide. Several other diseases can appear in the turf and it is in the management of the grass and its environment that can help avoid these occurring. 

Over-application of fertiliser and water, using materials for top dressing high in lime or calcium will alter the surface pH. Shade, minimal air movement over the lawn (usually caused by a wall or fence) and the amount of thatch in the grass can all lead to disease. Where you can cut back the causes of shade and generally keep to a maintenance programme to prevent disease. Spiking and aerating will help drainage and reduce moss and thatch. Scarifying in the spring will help remove them and allow fresh grass to grow through. 

Good lawn husbandry will encourage good lawn growth.   

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