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Thursday 1 September 2022

The Vegetable Plot - September

Let the good thymes roll

September, the month of plenty in the vegetable garden if you have been prolific with your seeding. The bounty includes tomatoes, sweetcorn, courgettes, marrows, runner beans, cabbages and cauliflowers, lettuces, cucumber, beetroot, potatoes, carrots and turnips. 

Old folklore says bad things can happen if you transplant parsley, but you can sow it and later move it to a cold frame, along with chives. Thyme sown from seed back in spring just keeps rolling on! Borage you can sow, along with lettuce, summer radish, onions and spring cabbage. 

Put cloches over peas and French beans and a tip for peppers grown outdoors but not ripened by the end of the season: leave them on the plant but lift the whole plant and hang them upside down on a cool, dry place where they will continue to ripen. 

Carry on harvesting salad crops, lifting main potatoes, earthing up celery and picking runner beans. If you have been so prolific you have an overabundance of vegetables, there are plenty you can freeze, including peas, beans, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower and sweet corn. 

  • Blanch celery, leeks and endive
  • Move spring cabbage sown in July to the plot where you grew potatoes and onions
  • Lift carrots and maincrop beetroot
  • Sow French beans in a heated greenhouse for forcing
  • Thin out vegetable seedlings, winter spinach, lettuce, endive and spinach beet
  • Plant autumn onion sets between now and November


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