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Tuesday 6 December 2022

The Lawncare Guide - December

Neat and trim but not too short, thank you

While it is nicer to see the lawn through the winter neatly cut, it should not be manicured within an inch of its life. If the grass has still been growing through an unseasonably warm November, it may need that last cut in December, but not too short. The height of winter cut should be 20 to 25 mm for a leisure lawn, 25 mm + for a utility lawn, and 12 to 18 mm for an ornamental lawn. That will help the grass develop a good root system to combat wear. 

Avoid walking on the grass if you can in frosty and snowy conditions. Note the light levels on the lawn because shade will affect its growth. Cut back anything causing shade if you can, now or in the new year. Remove debris, fallen leaves and brush out worm casts if it's not too wet because they promote weed and moss growth. If you are planning a new lawn area for seeding or turfing next spring and the ground is not too hard, it's a good time to deep dig, rake and level the plot, removing weeds as you go. 

The winter frosts will break down the soil, making it more friable for when you come to sow seed or lay turves. Finish up by cleaning the garden tractor or mower and other tools, getting machinery serviced and stored in dry conditions ready for a new season.

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