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Tuesday 10 January 2023

The Lawncare Guide – January

The answer lies in the soil

It’s very unlikely you will be mowing the lawn this month but the mowing season is not far off, especially if the winter turns out mild. If you haven’t already done so it’s a good time to get the garden tractor or mower serviced in readiness. 

There are a few other jobs needing your attention to help prepare the lawn for spring. Make a note of where any water lies on the grass after heavy rain or when snow thaws.

Lawns that are sitting on heavy clay or compacted soil are particularly susceptible to becoming waterlogged. You can relieve this by aerating using a hollow tined fork or garden fork to spike the grass. Do this at intervals of 15 – 20 cm (6 to 8 in) across the area to be treated. You can fill the holes with a mix of sharp sand and loam. 

Sweeping up leaves and other debris is important for the health of the lawn and this action will also get rid of worm casts which lead to weeds and moss getting a hold. 

Try to avoid walking on the lawn if it is frosty. The grass will blacken with ‘frost-burn’ damaging the cells and even causing it to die back. Keep a lookout for any signs of disease and treat the grass accordingly. 

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