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Friday 5 May 2023

The Vegetable Plot – May

Success with succession

May is the month to make succession sowing of lettuce, carrot and onion seed for a continuous crop for the kitchen. The Big Glut recipes are chosen to be seasonal and use as much as you can from your own kitchen garden. So, if you are a keen propagator with seed, you will have no end of choice this month.

After the frosts, you can sow cucumber, French beans, squash, maincrop beetroot, dwarf beans and Chinese cabbage. Add in late broccoli, cauliflower, runner beans, peas for August, chervil and sweet corn. 

When the sowing is done, you can plant up tomatoes in the greenhouse in grow bags or soil. Remember to replenish soil if growing the same crop as last year. Transplant spring sown Brussels sprouts grown for winter.

  • Sow chicory for forcing
  • Grow courgettes and pumpkins in the greenhouse
  • Sow ridge cucumber indoors for planting out in June  
  • Harden off aubergines and peppers
  • Sow kohl rabi and salsify 
  • Plant out artichokes sown under cover
  • Cut asparagus
  • Harvest carrots and potatoes grown under glass

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