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Monday 2 December 2013

The Lawn Care Guide – December

Although unlikely, you could find yourself mowing the lawn in December if your garden location and
the weather are very mild. It is certainly nice to see a neatly cut lawn through to spring but don’t cut too short.

A new lawn sown from seed in autumn may also benefit from a light trim. More probably you will find earthworms producing casts on the grass. While they are not doing any harm to the grass they are not only unsightly, they are in danger of promoting moss and weed growth and are best swept away with a lawn brush or birch brush.

If you have snow, sleet and rain on the lawn followed by puddles forming, give the lawn a good spiking to help drainage. You can level it in the spring.

If you are planning to sow a new lawn in spring you can start deep digging, raking and tramping down the soil in preparation.

Keep off the grass! When it’s frosty.

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  1. Yes, keep off the grass during winter. It can damage the grass and cause 'em to eventually break or die. Looking forward to more lawn care tips!
    ~Lawn Love San Diego Lawn Aeration