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Thursday 30 April 2015

The Vegetable Plot – May

Sow be it

Now you can start reaping the rewards of earlier sowings and harvest spring onions and cabbages sown last year. Seedlings of carrots, onions, leeks and turnips should be ready for thinning and remove altogether what you take out, especially carrot which will attract carrot fly.

Early potatoes will need earthing up and check the supports for peas you’re growing, use peas sticks or netting for support.

In the open you can be sowing half-hardy runner beans, French beans, marrows, courgettes and sweet corn.

Succession sowings of lettuces, carrots, salad onions and radishes will keep you provided with a good supply. Asparagus from established beds will be ready to make mouth watering recipes.
  • Sow maincrop beetroot
  • Sow late broccoli, peas and parsley
  • Sow outdoor cucumbers and pumpkins
  • Sow Savoy and winter cabbages in nursery rows
  • Make outdoor sowings of cauliflowers, cabbages, Brussels sprouts, parsnips, Swedes, turnips
  • Sow maincrop varieties of carrots for autumn
  • Harvest carrots and potatoes
  • Grow bought tomato plants if you didn’t sow seeds   

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