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Tuesday 28 May 2019

The Lawn Care Guide - June

Mow as you mean to go on

May rolls into June and the mowing regime is much the same with twice a week cutting if the soil is moist. If there’s a long, dry spell, raise the cutting height on the tractor deck or mower and leave off the grass box. But mostly continue as you were, with frequent mowing a benefit for the grass.

It’s time for summer feeding and weeding. If the lawn looks a little off-colour it will appreciate a quick-acting feed – a liquid fertiliser every four to six weeks such as Vitax Green Up or Viano organic Universal Lawn Feed, which releases nutrients over a twelve week period. Improving the health of the lawn also improves its drought tolerance and resistance to diseases that are prevalent at this time of the year.

Your earlier lawn treatment using Evergreen 4 in 1, if you applied it back in April, may well have been sufficient to produce the results you’re looking for but an extra boost will do no harm providing you don’t overfeed. If you use pelleted feed remember to water in if there’s no rain forecast. It’s also helpful to spike the lawn first to allow the fertiliser to penetrate and help drainage. Any persistent broad-leaved weeds need dealing with and if moss is still a problem you can apply a combined weed and moss killer.

Don’t, of course, use a whole load of different product, decide on the condition of the lawn and what takes priority and treat accordingly. Remember, grass is a plant the same as any other and will respond to the right care and attention. Watering may be necessary if it’s very dry and that means infrequent but really good soaking to let the water get deep down and encourage the roots to push deeper. Light watering only encourages shallow growth and the result will be patchy, dull grass.

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