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Monday 8 June 2020

This Month in Your Garden - June

If you have a garden and a library you have everything you need. Cicero 106 BC – 43 BC

For those of us lucky enough to have a garden there has been blessed relief in the past couple of months, with the weather favourable as well most of the time. Consider though, a garden can be any size and in any location you wish, with a little thought and study, which is where the library comes in. Even a balcony can become a garden area with a few well-chosen plants.

These may need to be mail ordered because even though the garden centres are now open they are limited on what’s available. But there’s more than enough you can be doing in June and time to grow fast-growing hardy annuals from seed. Alyssum, Campanula carpatica, Calendula, Clarkia and we’ve only got to the ‘C’s’.  With the danger of frost passed dahlias and begonias can be planted out along with other bedding – there should be more arriving at the nursery or garden centre so hopefully, there will be a wider choice.

Perennials will usefully fill gaps and can always be moved later to another spot. Those run to seed such as delphiniums, lupins and hollyhocks can be harvested and the seed planted in borders, or pots if you prefer. Needless to say, there are weeds to be hoed and with the long, dry spells, be water-wise. Hang hanging baskets, train climbers, shade the greenhouse, prune spring-flowering shrubs. Relax, have a drink, pull out one of those gardening books you have in the library (or download one from the vast library that is online) and daydream about what you’ll do next with your garden.

The American author, Mary Cantwell, said: “Gardeners, I think, dream bigger than emperors.”   

  • Sow pansies and polyanthus for October planting out
  • Plant up tubs and containers
  • Cut faded flower trusses of rhododendrons, lilacs and azaleas
  • Prune Clematis Montana
  • Cut Euphorbia stems back to ground level (wear gloves to do this)
  • Cut back Oriental poppies after flowering 
  • Sow primulas in late June
  • Plant anemone rhizomes that have been soaked overnight

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