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Monday 4 October 2021

The Lawncare Guide - October

To turf or not to turf 

If you have prepared an area for a new lawn or you’re repairing an existing one, now is the time to lay turves when the soil is moist and warm. Turf can be laid as late as November if the forecast is not too cold or wet. Similarly, if the weather is still mild and you prefer the seeded route, you can sow now on a prepared area. 

Should it become cold or heavy rain is forecast the sown area can be covered in clear polythene to protect it and promote growth. If it remains warm and rain is light, leave it uncovered to grow quickly and naturally. 

Now is also the time to scarify and aerate. Scarifying needs to be done to remove thatch and moss, allowing new grass to grow through. It can be done with a scarifying attachment or accessory on the garden tractor or using a walk-behind scarifier. For small areas, a rake will do and, having collected up the thatch debris, the area may need overseeding for new growth. Top dressing and an autumn feed that is low in nitrogen would also be beneficial. Aerating will help drainage and open up the soil to get air to the roots of the plant. It’s a good counter-measure to prevent moss and thatch developing. Small areas can be aerated by simply using a garden fork. All these treatments will help promote healthy growth, even in winter if the temperature is between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius. 

It is likely you are still cutting the grass, but you will have raised the cutting height to leave it with a good growth after the final cut, which will give it protection through the winter months. Any recently sown grass should have its last cut now but not lower than 2.5cm (1in).  

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