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Monday 6 February 2023

The Lawncare Guide: February

Dressed to kill moss

It’s likely the grass has started into growth as the temperature rises and instead of stepping out onto hard ground, the lawn feels spongy underfoot. Further exploration tells you there is a considerable amount of moss choking the grass and spreading alarmingly.

Moss produces spores that are very effective in gaining new territory and they need to be stopped. Usually, the time to take action would be to use a four-in-one weed and feed at the end of March into April and that’s fine, but it is also time to consider what is causing the moss and allowing it to spread. Killing it in spring may be only a temporary solution because the root cause is what needs addressing, and that is likely to be compaction and lack of drainage on the lawn. 

If the weather permits a going over with a walk behind a self-propelled aerator or one towed by the garden tractor will open up the surface to let air and water get to the grass roots. Good drainage will help overcome the sponginess, but the moss still needs treating. 

If you don’t like the unsightly black mess left by moss killers there is a product we have talked about before. MO Bacter is an organic fertiliser that actually digests moss without leaving the black residue. You apply the product from the end of the month into March onwards. That will lead neatly into scarifying the lawn in spring when it has dried out enough to remove thatch and the last of the moss. Once all your preparation is done, you will be able to overseed and top dress for the best results. 

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